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Unit Floor Plans
The floor plans included in the PDF below have been around since North Star Realty Corp was marketing the units in Country Hill Estates. Not all of the unit floor plans are included; we salvaged all we could find. WARNING — THE FLOOR PLANS ARE NOT ACCURATE, but they will give you a reasonable approximation of the original interior layout of the units presented. Remember, a number of our homes have had major interior renovations to suit the design preferences of the previous owners.
Duties of Unit Owners
As condominium owners and residents, we are able to enjoy the benefits of shared facilities; the pool, the tennis courts and the landscaped areas. Living in a community that provides such shared facilities also carries a requirement for shared responsibility and respect for both our property and our neighbors. Rules have been adopted to describe a framework of behavior that allows the Unit Owners, and other residents of CHECA, to enjoy their Condominium in a peaceful, safe, clean and attractive environment and to provide an excellent place to live and bring up our families. The Rules are NOT designed to unduly restrict or burden the use of the property. All Unit Owners and residents of CHECA, as well as their guests are expected to abide by these Rules which are meant to supplement the provisions of the Condominium Act, Declaration, Bylaws, the laws, regulations and ordinances of the federal, state and local government. By following these Rules, the value of each owner's unit will be enhanced. Remember that we live in an adult community. As such, if your neighbor or any other resident is doing something which you find annoying, offensive, or even potentially dangerous in some way, particularly if you believe it to be a violation of the Condominium Act, Declaration, Bylaws or the Rules, please attempt to speak with that person, when possible, to communicate your concern. You may find that they had no idea that their actions were causing you a problem and would readily correct the situation. Speaking with the offender is generally the most expedient and neighborly way to address a situation. We realize, however, that this may not always be possible. In that event, other remedies are available under the Rules. Please take the time to review the information provided on this web site. You will find valuable information to help enhance your quality of life here at CHECA. The Rules and regulations may change from time-to- time and we will issue changes as they are warranted and approved by the Board of Directors. We always welcome your comments and suggestions in regard to the Board, the Management Company and the overall management of Country Hill Estates. Thank you for your cooperation in helping to make Country Hill Estates a better community for all of us.
The Board may employ, by contract, a professional manager or management firm for a fee or compensation established by the Board, to perform such duties and services as the Board shall authorize, according to the Bylaws. The role of the management company is to assist the Board in the operation and administration of CHECA. The managing agent takes direction from the Board. Some of the duties of the management company are; 1. Financial management, 2. record maintenance, 3. assists in preparing budgets, 4. obtains bids for CHECA projects, 5. assists, advises and oversees the maintenance of CHECA, 6. manages outside contractors and employees of the management company, and 7. maintains a twenty-four (24) by seven (7) days a week emergency telephone system
1. Assessments. Pay your assessments on time. If assessments are not paid on time the Board cannot maintain CHECA properly and ultimately it causes unneeded legal expenses. Our policy refers delinquent owners to the Credit Bureau as well as legal collection. 2. CHECA Documents. Comply with the rules and regulations. 3. Unit Exterior Alterations. Unit owners' are not allowed to make any alterations to the exterior of their unit (e.g. satellite dish, deck alterations, plantings other than flowers in existing unit perimeter flower beds, etc.) without filling out and submitting the required form for the requested alteration and receiving written permission from the Board. Our e-forms may be filled out and printed from the Request Forms page of this web site or obtained from our managing agent. 4. General Upkeep. Keep your Limited Common Area neat and clean. 5. Unit Interior Maintenance. Each Owner shall be responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement, at his sole cost and expense, of all interior elements of his unit including, but not limited to, attic insulation, interior walls (perimeter and partition walls), ceilings and floors, doors and door frames, windows and window frames (window replacement requires written Board approval as to standards), fixtures, appliances, the heating, air-conditioning (including exterior compressor units), plumbing and electrical systems which serve his Unit and no other. a. Insulation. Please note that the proper insulation of unit attics is of particular concern. Proper insulation of unit attics is a major factor in determining the longevity of unit roofs, not to mention the costs of heating and cooling the units. If unit attics are not insulated correctly, it will result in the formation of ice dams from melting snow. This condition is caused by heat loss which is due to deficient insulation package installations. These ice dams will affect the structural integrity of the roofs and cause them to leak. As a Unit Owner, it is your responsibility to inspect your attic insulation package. If, after inspection, your insulation package is determined to be deficient, you must bring it up to current industry standards, at your sole cost and expense. Please consult an insulation professional. b. Roofs. The replacement of unit roofs are a major expense for CHECA, so please be proactive in evaluating and correcting deficient insulation package installations. You will not only benefit by lowering the costs of heating and cooling your unit; it will also decrease the assessments needed to fund the Capital Reserve Account for roof repair and/or replacement. c. Roof Policy. If a unit roof fails after CHECA has repaired and/or replaced a unit roof and it is determined that said failure is due to the unit owner's negligence (a default) in perfecting deficiencies in his attic insulation package by bringing the insulation package up to current industry standards, all appropriate cost and expense of all subsequent repairs and/or replacement of the unit's roof and any adjacent damage to the interior and/or exterior of the unit, will be borne solely by the unit owner, as set forth in Article XII of the Bylaws. d. Original Deck Alterations. It would not be equitable to ask all unit owners to pay for deck alterations that benefit only one unit (Limited Common Area), so if you have completed the required documents and have been granted written permission by the Board to alter an original deck that the builder attached to your unit, you and all future owners of your unit must maintain, provide upkeep, repair and replacement of all components related to the deck alteration at your sole cost and expense. All rules and regulations are devised to promote fairness, protect property values and enhance the community environment of CHECA. e. Heat. Each unit owner is required to maintain adequate heat to keep the pipes in his unit from freezing. If a units' pipes freeze, causing loss or damage to the unit and/or any ancillary loss or damage to the common or limited common areas, the unit owner shall be responsible, at his sole cost and expense, to cure any loss or damage to the satisfaction of the Board. 6. Stay Informed. Attend all special and annual meetings. Stay involved and informed about current events at CHECA. All items of interest will always be posted on our Bulletin Board at the mail house as well as on this web site. If you feel qualified, and are in good standing (all assessments must be paid to date to be in good standing), any unit owner may run for the Board. 7. Problems. Report any problems to the management company, in writing, by; mail, fax, e-mail or by telephone when it's an emergency. You will receive a response as soon as possible. 8. Insurance Recommendations. Any owner and/or any mortgagee may obtain, at their own expense, additional insurance (including a "condominium unit-owner's endorsement" for improvements and betterment's to a unit made or acquired at the expense of the unit owner). Such insurance should contain the same waiver of subrogation provision, as set forth in Article VI, Section 2 (b) of the Bylaws. Additionally, we recommended that each owner obtain a "Tenant's Homeowners Policy" that should include an HO 1734 and Loss Assessment, or equivalent, to insure against loss or damage to personal property, used or incidental to, the occupancy of the unit, additional living expenses, vandalism or malicious mischief, theft, personal liability and the like. Caution: Please be aware that the above-recommended insurance coverage is not provided for by the CHECA master insurance policy.
The association is administered by a Board of Directors, elected by the owners at the Annual Meeting, held around the December time frame. The Board's officers are elected by the members of the Board. An association Board must perform certain functions that are similar to those of a government. The Board is the executive and legislative body for the Association which has certain responsibilities to its constituency, the Association membership and the Association itself. The governmental function of community associations requires decision making by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors conducts all the affairs and business of Country Hill Estates and has the power to adopt any Rules deemed necessary for the enjoyment of the condominium provided that the Rules do not conflict with the Condominium Act or the legal documents of Country Hill Estates. The Board shall have the power to, and be responsible for: 1. The preparation of an annual budget. 2. Long range forecasting of financial needs. 3. Making assessment against owners (the monthly Condo Fee and in some instances, Special Assessments to provide for unforeseen circumstances and Fines as a result of Rule violations), to defray Common Expenses of CHECA. Also to collect such assessments, using the proceeds to carry on the administrative needs of CHECA. These assessments must include reserves funds (Capital Reserve Account), to provide for future replacement of the common elements of CHECA (pool, tennis court, roofs, roads, etc.). 4. Provide for the operation, care, upkeep, replacements and maintenance of the Common and Limited Common Area, as excepted. 5. Obtaining a master or blanket policy (casualty and liability) for property insurance covering all the general Common elements and Limited Common elements, including fixtures and building service equipment to the extent that they are part of the common elements of CHECA, as well as common personal property and supplies, and other common personal property belonging to CHECA. (Article VI Section 1. of the Bylaws.) 6. The Board may employ or contract with a management firm to manage such duties and services, as the Board shall authorize to manage the affairs of CHECA. Such contract will specify duties of the management company. The Board shall designate a single individual, usually the President, who shall be authorized to deal with the managing agent on any matter relating to the management of CHECA. According to the contract, the agent is directed not to accept directions or instructions with regard to management of CHECA from anyone else. The President of the Board shall have this authority. The President may assign another Board member to serve as liaison with the agent. 7. The Board, in its fiduciary capacity, will vote and approve all contracts required to maintain CHECA, such as lawn care, snow removal, rubbish pick up, sprinkler systems, painting, pool and any other maintenance required to maintain all common and limited common areas, as excepted. The Board also manages the Capital Reserve Fund. The Board reviews all correspondence and action items concerning unit owners, monthly. The Board must approve all architectural changes to the property. 8. The Board meets monthly and holds special meetings when warranted, to respond to the needs of CHECA. See the Bylaws for further details. 9. The Board maintains communication with unit owners via personal contact, this web site, newsletters, financial reports, special meetings and the annual meeting.
COUNTRY HILL ESTATES is a distinctive condominium community development that offers  a variety of detached single family homes, uniquely located and designed to create an intimacy of country village life, yet provide the services and conveniences of city dwelling.