All unit owners on the above lists will be given notice before painting or power washing commences. You will have ample time to prepare before your unit is power washed or painted. If your unit is scheduled for power washing, please make sure that your outside water faucets are on.
Fenwick Street (15 Units) Falls Grove Road (9 Units) Country Hill Road (3 Units) Jasmine Drive (6 Units) Edis Lane (4 Units) Trocha Street (8 Units)
Edis Lane (4 Units) Trocha Street (8 Units) Jasmine Drive (6 Units) Meghan Drive (6 Unit) Timothy Drive (5 Units) Tracy Avenue (7 Units)
2019 Power Washing 2019 Painting Painting Schedules
Before painting commences, the Board will inspect all the units to be painted this year. Particular attention will be paid to the condition of unit windows, altered rear decks, and garage doors. As you know, the Association is responsible for the maintenance painting/staining of only the exterior surfaces of exterior trim, original decks/porches, garage doors, entry door frames, windows, bulkheads and the metal foundation windows. In the case of windows, it includes window frames, sills and windows. In the case of garage doors, it includes garage door frames and garage doors. In the case of unit entry doors, the frames only (not the door — you must paint your own front door). As stipulated in our documents, unit windows, garage doors, sliders, front doors and bulkheads belong to the unit owner. The Association will not replace them. It is the unit owners responsibility to replace deficient windows, doors and bulkheads. The Association will not paint any of the above items that they are obligated by Association documents to paint if: there is rot, damage or deterioration present, owner replaced items do not meet established standards, the windows, doors, bulkheads or trim do not need painting, or the unit owner is 60 days or more in arrears on any moneys owed to the Association. Additionally, any windows, bulkheads or garage doors that are found to be in need of replacement (in other words, their condition is beyond the approved maintenance provided by the Association documents and they are found to have major defects that affect their integrity), the unit owner will be required to replace, at their own expense, the defective windows, bulkheads or garage doors. In such an event, defective windows and/or garage doors will not be painted as it would be a waste of money. Window/garage door replacements require written Board approval as to style and standards. If city permits are required, you must obtain them at your own expense and submit them with your request form. Board policy requires the use of maintenance free replacement products (i.e. aluminum or vinyl clad replacement windows with a white exterior surface color). Replaced items must also conform to city building codes. Unit owners required to replace defective windows/garage doors must submit the proper form to apply for approval. Please be aware that our legal documents stipulate that the Association has the right and responsibility to protect the integrity of all units. If defective windows, bulkheads or garage doors are not replaced by a unit owner when notified of a defect, the Association has the right to replace the defective items. In such case, the Association will replace any defective items and the unit owner will be charged for replacing the defective items and any additional legal charges incurred to accomplish the replacement. In keeping with our established maintenance protocol, the units to be power washed and painted during this years maintenance cycle will include all the units that are financially current on the date that the service is scheduled to be performed.
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