Siding Project
Residing the first two units
11 Trocha - Finished
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3 Timothy - Finished
The first 2 units to be resided (11 Trocha Street and 3 Timothy Drive) have been completed. Be sure to take a look below. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the image or scroll from picture to picture using you’re keyboard arrow keys. We think they look great but we would certainly be interested in hearing from anybody with a comment or a suggestion.
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Vinyl Siding Eligibility (Master List)
According to our legal documents, unit vinyl siding 1  is designated as Common Area and subject to repair and replacement at Association expense. In order to expedite the re- siding project and allow sufficient time to evaluate and correct unit deficiencies, we have modified the process as outlined below. The change will help to maximize the number of units that we can re-side every year by allowing our contractors to begin as soon as possible each spring. Beginning in 2018, re-siding will no longer be done based on a lottery system. Instead, completed units will be assigned the first available slot on the schedule, (the Master List), once management has been notified that the unit is 100% compliant and ready for new siding. Specifications require that replacement products must be maintenance free. (i.e. Anderson’s Fibrex ® , aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl are all considered to be maintenance free and from time to time new materials are developed that may also be considered.) Maintenance free materials have been specified to cut down on future maintenance and painting. We have already saved thousands of dollars on the painting budget alone. Note: Before you replace windows, entry doors or garage doors, you must submit specific forms, available on this site, to obtain the approval of the Board of Directors before you begin your projects. Please follow the directions on the forms. Eligibility requirements are: Your Unit account must be in good standing. All windows, including garage windows, if any, must be replaced with maintenance free versions of the original windows. (i.e. you must replace double- hung for double-hung, casement for casement, etc.) Bay and bow windows are excluded. Click here for the Window Replacements form. Garage doors, if any, must be replaced if there is any visible damage. Click here for the Garage Door Replacement form. Sliding doors, if any, must be replaced with maintenance free sliders. Click here for the Entry Door Replacements form. All wires that are located on the exterior surface of the current siding or between the siding and the underlayment/sheathing must be relocated or removed. Consider hiring a professional for electrical wiring. Any satellite dish attached to the unit must be either removed or relocated to an approved area. If your unit has approved gutters, down-spouts and/or a Radon Mitigation Systems, you own them and they must be removed before re-siding can start. Owners may be able to have them removed and re-installed by the contractor that’s re-siding your unit. You’ll have to make your own agreement with the contractor. If you do plan to replace bay and/or bow windows, garage doors and/or entry doors in the future, we encourage you to replace them before the new siding is installed. It will be more efficient and less costly to do it while you’re replacing the others and before re- siding. Installing products after new siding has been installed may be twice as expensive as installing them before your unit is re-sided. As soon as your unit meets all the eligibility requirements shown above, fill out the Siding Compliance Checklist here and return this form to the property manager. Your unit will then be logged in as 100% compliant and added to the Master Siding Schedule based on the date it was received. Please contact the manager if you have any questions.
1  During Association vinyl siding replacement, all damaged underlayment/sheathing exposed when the old vinyl is removed, must be repaired/replaced before re-siding can be completed. Unit owners must make arrangements with the contractor to cure the damaged areas at their sole cost and expense.
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